The Bio Bot 
Branding | Packing Design | Illustration

Recycled and repurposed from the humble milk jug, the Bio Bot is an action figure that aims to inspire ecologically conscious attitudes in young people. It is surrounded by a cool narrative that helps children recognize the significance of their role in the ongoing war against waste. 
The Story
Built to fight the Waste-Spawns, creatures born from pollution, The Bio Bot is armed with adaptable Bio-tech that enables it to meet the enemy in any frontier, from air, land, and sea. It is a hero that any child can identify with. It makes them feel they are part of something bigger than themselves. 
In every bio bot box, a map of the world is provided. This map outlines problem spots around the globe that correspond to real life problems with waste. *For instance, the location of the Gyre Titan mirrors the real life location of the problematic Pacific Garbage Path.
The Figure 8, a universal and recognizable symbol for cycles and rebirth became a central motif stamped throughout the packaging, the products, and the character. 

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