This outdoor wear brand captures the spirit of the untamed wild in stylish jackets and tech-wear. This client and I developed several ways to appeal to fearless individuals starving for adventure. 
From brilliant, hi-resolution outdoor model-centric photography, to clean "product on white" photos, I added motion to all sorts of client-provided assets. Although I allocated majority of my time and efforts producing evergreen ads, sales and promotions often provided ample opportunity for exploration and experimentation.
The ad campaign below meant to capture the versatility of a new shoe design. Sketch 1 displays my initial approach to conveying this, where I exaggerated the scale of the shoe to demonstrate its durability in a diverse range of biomes. The surreal nature of this idea was toned down in Sketch 2.
The shoe photo was provided by the client and then I constructed the background from scratch, compiling, collaging, and compositing various photos of clouds, dirt and rocks to capture the feeling of being outdoors. I then animated the water in Adobe After Effects, utilizing several fractal noise animations to create the illusion of the bending silhouette in the water's reflection. I was really happy with how the wave mechanics feel. 
The repository of client ads below demonstrates the diverse needs of the brand. At times we really focused on breaking out of the brand's typical "woodsman" aesthetic to embrace the new advances in their tech-wear technology.

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